How To Fix A Ceramic Mug

Do you have a ceramic mug that is either damaged, chipped or cracked and you’re looking for a way to try and fix it?

It can be quite difficult to try and make them look just like new after breaking a ceramic mug but this guide will be giving you a few options to get as close as possible to that.

How To Fix A Ceramic Mug

This guide will be providing different solutions for different breakages to the mug and the different materials you might need to be able to put it back together. 

What Are The Best Glues?

There are different types of glue you are able to use to fix these broken handles or cracks in your ceramic mugs.

They work on any type of ceramic surfaces including plates, bowls and more if you have any other ceramic items that are broken too! 

  • Gorilla super glue 
  • Ceramic glue 
  • 20 gram glue 

There are also different types of glue that are the best for what you need it for. For example, if you are looking for a glue that is most effective for being waterproof, you would use flex glue.

However, if you’re looking for a money saver, you might want to look for the Loctite multi purpose repair putty. 

How To Fix A Broken Ceramic Mug?

There are certain items you will need to be to fix your broken ceramic mugs including: 

  • Bucket
  • Gloves 
  • Epoxy
  • Paintbrush 
  • Cloths
  • Masking tape 

Most of these items people will already have in their home, but they might have to go out and buy the glue before starting the process. 

Step 1

You need to find all of the different pieces to your mug that have broken so you are able to put them all back together.

You need to make sure you use your gloves to pick these up to avoid cutting yourself on sharp edges. 

Step 2

It is a great idea to get the base of the mug that is still standing, stood up in some sand. This will allow you to work with both hands when gluing the different parts back on. 

Step 3

If you do not have a paintbrush you can always use a toothbrush to brush off any unwanted debris from the mugs parts. You then need to make the solution using the Epoxy and the hardener.

When you buy the Epoxy, it usually comes with the hardener and you need the same amount of each mixed together. 

Step 4

You need to apply the solution you have just mixed onto the edges of the broken mug.

When putting the pieces together when the glue is ready, you want to be holding the broken pieces onto the base of the mug for 30-40 seconds  to let it stick properly.

You need to repeat this process until all of the pieces are struck back together. 

Step 5

You need to make sure you leave it to cure for 15 minutes before moving the mug. Your mug will now be fixed and should be basically back to the way it was! 

What About Chips?

There are different ways you are able to fix small chips in your ceramic mugs. For example, you could use nail polish which most people have in their homes for a quick fix.

It is also much better to use non-toxic nail polish as it will work much better! 

Fixing A Handle

If the handle breaks off it can be the most frustrating thing, but you are able to fix this. The best option for this kind of break is using epoxy glue instead of super glue.

This is because of the ceramic material. Epoxy glue is known for being far better at gluing together ceramic parts than regular superglue.

Due to the handle being one of the most fragile parts to the mug, you want to be leaving this overnight because trying to use it again, this is to make sure that it has properly dried. 


Overall, if you’re looking to fix one of your broken or chipped ceramic mugs there are a few ways you are able to do this.

The easiest way to fix a mug that has been broken into pieces is by gluing it back together and following the steps above to do it properly.

This is the best way to get it back to looking like new. Most people would adjust to throwing the mug away but you really don’t need to because this is a cheap way to stop wasting materials you can continue using. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you either find out the different types of glue you might need to purchase before carrying out this process.

It also gives an easy step by step process on how to fix your mug or its handle if it has come off. It is much easier than people might think and does not take a very long time at all!

Don’t throw away your ceramic mugs, plates or bowls when you can fix them for a cheaper price than buying a new one! Think smarts with your money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Glue Ceramic Cups?

When it comes to fixing a broken mug, make sure you select the right glue for the job. We suggest you opt for 100% Glue Repair Gel for all your ceramic mugs.

This product is waterproof, sets quickly, dries clear, and is durable and strong. All while being dishwasher safe!

How Do You Fix A Cracked Mug?

Clear the area, get your super glue, some paper towel and Loctite Glue Remover. Clean and dry the chipped or cracked surface.

Apply super glue to the surface and then either attach any broken pieces you’ve found, or fill the crack or chip with the glue.