About Us

There’s nothing I’ve found more calming than pottery. It’s just you, the clay, and your thoughts – this might scare some, but once you’ve made your first misshapen mug, you’ll never go back.

Hi, I’m Jenna Arthur, and I am a self-confessed pottery lover. I have always had a quiet passion for crafts. The mindfulness that comes with painting, knitting, drawing, and more is amazing. I can clear my head of all worry for a couple of hours, plus I’ll be left with a lovely final product to boast about to my friends. 

Pottery had always eluded me. I thought that it would be too difficult and too expensive. But when I’d exhausted all other options, I decided to take the jump and head to a local pottery class. 

Yes, I made a very asymmetrical bowl. It wasn’t pretty, but I felt better than I had for weeks. And I genuinely had so much fun – and isn’t that what it’s all about? 

A couple of years on, I haven’t put clay down since. My house is full of little trinkets I’ve made, and my favorite thing to do is research new techniques and inspiration.

Now I want to extend what I’ve learned to you! If you’re thinking about trying pottery for yourself, I say just do it. Don’t waste time thinking that you won’t be good enough – because you absolutely are and pottery is more than just trying to make something look as good as possible. 

It is cathartic, good for the soul, and fun! What are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting.