Ceramike - Background Information

Form and Function

Danlami Aliyu cider jar made at Wenford Bridge Russell Collins casserole Aylesford Pottery teapot

The 2020 the coronovirus lockdown gave me the opportunity to re-engineer Ceramike.com as a new website - MikesPots.co.uk. Ceramike will remain as a legacy site for the forseeable future but will no longer be updated. It was designed way back in 2002 when most people used Internet Explorer on Windows computers, those days are long gone and we now have multiple devices, operating systems and web browsers, MikesPots site has been designed with that in mind.

Visit MikesPots.co.uk

Colin Pearson - LiddedContainer

Cvolin Pearson - Lidded jar.
Large lidded jar, nuka glaze. - 23.5cm x 14cm.
Reuben Batterham Storage Jar Richard Batterham stoneware caddy Richard Batterham box Richard Batterham - Stoneware rilled lidded jar Richard Batterham - Facetted stoneware jar Trevor Corser jar Mike Dodd covered jar Mike Dodd Caddy Winchcombe celadon jar Stoneware caddy by John Jelfs Muchelney Bread Crock Leach Pottery early lidded jar Jim Malone jar Cvolin Pearson - Lidded jar.
Leach Pottery small casserole Mick Casson bread crock Small salt glazed jar with leaf decoration Stoneware lidded jar with swirled glaze decoration Charlie Tustin Winchcomble marmalade jar Hugh West Storage Jar Richard Batterham, lidded jar Reuben Batterham lidded jar Reuben Batterham grain jar Patrick Sargent lidded jar EP marked stoneware lidded box Phil Rogers salt glazed conical jar
Warren MacKenzie, lidded jar Peter Sparrey lidded jar Eddie Hopkins small lidded jar Danlami Aliyu storage jar Danny Killick lidded jar Andrew Hague lidded jar - 1979 Mike Dodd lidded jar Micl Casson tall lidded jar Jeremy Leach box David Leach box Mike Dodd lidded jar Phil Rogers wood fired caddy with nuka glazed rim Michael Leach casserole Leach Pottery Soup Jug
Mike Sanderson lidded jar Bernard Leach preserve jar Ash glazed lidded jar Bread Crock Tim lake lidded jar Mick Casson large lidded jar Clive Bowen huge storage jar Phil Rogers early ash glazed lidded jar Phil Rogers early ash glazed lidded jar Mick Casson dry ash bread bin Sid Tustin jam pot Jeremy Leach small porcelain box with Japanese character meaning beautiful Jeremy Leach box with Japanese characters Jeremy Leach small cut sided bottle
Jeremy Leach small cut sided bottle John Davidson lidded jar Phil Rogers bread bin John Webb tea caddy Richard Batterham caddy Sabine Nemet lidded jar Sabine Nemet lidded jar Sabine Nemet lidded jar Sabine Nemet lidded jar Richard Batterham knob handled jar John Jelfs lidded jar John Webb bread crock Richard Batterham lidded jar Richard Batterham squared caddy
Richard Batterham lugged caddy