Ceramike - Background Information

Form and Function

Danlami Aliyu cider jar made at Wenford Bridge Russell Collins casserole Aylesford Pottery teapot

Charlotte Epton - Bowl

Charlotte Epton stoneware bowl
Stoneware bowl with sunflower head decoration. - 21.5cm x 4cm.
Stoneware dish by Wendy Salt, Aislaby Pottery Denis Avonts Stonware Bowl Richard Batterham bowl Marianne deTrey bowl (???) Large deep facetted bowl with scraped decoration Large deep facetted deep bowl Stoneware bowl with Z decoration Flower dish by Derek Emms Charlotte Epton stoneware bowl Small stonware bowl Large stoneware bowl Stoneware bowl Stoneware mixing bowl Jack Kenny tea bowl
Spirally decorated stoneware bowl. Ming bowl Thomas Plowman stoneware bowl Mick Casson salt glazed handled bowl Warren Mackenzie oribe glase facetted bowl Leach Pottery small bowl Geoffrey Whiting large Z bowl Mark Griffiths bowl Poole Pottery dish Simon Rich dish Phil Rogers bowl Salt glazed bowl Shallow fluted bowl, nuka glaze over temmoku Stoneware footed bowl
Richard Batterham, footed bowl Richard Batterham, factted bowl Warren MacKenzie shino glazed drop rim bowl Brent Johnson shino glazed rope patterned bowl Brent Johnson celadon glazed rope patterned bowl Joe Finch bowl Leach Pottery Z bowl Simon Leach fluted celadon vase
Mandy Parslow salt glazed oval bowl Phil Rogers ash glazed bowl Matthew Blakeley celadon bowl Leach Pottery large Z bowl Mick Casson bowl Vera Tollow ash glazed bowl Peter Swanson shallow dish Andrew Crouch facetted bowl Large Bernard Leach decorated Z bowl Peter Starkey pedestal bowl Joanna Howells porcelain bowl Russell Collins fluted footed bowl Bryan Newman large bowl William Marshall huge shallow bowl
Leach Pottery standard ware, small bowl Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie asj glazed bowl Leach Pottery small Z bowl Leach Pottery large Z bowl Mick Casson large bowl with Priestwood landscape decoration 1950s tin glazed eartheware bowl Jason Braham bowl Bryan Newman small bowl Elijah Comfort pie dish Muriel Bell earthenware bowl made at the Leach Pottery Geoffrey Whiting wax resist bowl Ray Finch Large Bowl Michael Cardew Bowl Peter Swanson Shallow Bowl
Peter Swanson Large Bowl Edward Hughes Small Bowl Mike Sanderson salt glazed bowl Mike Sanderson raised salt glazed bowl Charles Vyse shallow bowl Charles Vyse chun bowl Charles Vyse chun glazed lobed bowl Charles Vyse chun glazed lobed bowl Charles Vyse chun glazed shallow bowl Edward Hughes large tenmoku glazed fluted bowl David Binch tea bowl David Leach St. Ives Bowl Bernard Leach fritillary  bowl Charles Vyse shallow bowl
Charles Vyse vase Mike Sanderson fluted bowl Mike Sanderson small bowl Leach Pottery large Z bowl Jim Malone - Early celadon bowl with flower decoration Hamada Pottery - Mashiko, Japan - Standardware ash glazed bowl Leach Pottery, old standardware sauce boat Tiny salt Leach Pottery, old standardware, medium bowl David Leach fluted bowl Mick Casson dry ash bowl Carson Culp bowl Sid Tustin earthenware bowl Leach Pottery old decorated bowl Robyn Cove small bowl Robyn Cove small bowl Leach Pottery old sauce boat Jim Malone tenmoku bowl Deborah Mitchell small shino glazed bowl Mike Dodd bottle shallow bowl Svend Bayer bowl Nic Collins large bowl Leach  Pottery old Z bowl Richard Batterham cereal bowl Richard Batterham cereal bowl Richard Batterham cereal bowl Peter Smith bowl Brigitte Colleaux bowl