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David Leach

David Leach teabowl David Leach David Leach jug

Retrospective Exhibition - Devon Guild of Craftsmen 2002

David Leach in discussion with a young admirer

David Leach in discussion with a young admirer
David Leach listening to exhibition curator Kathy Niblett at the Pre-View event at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey. David Leach and his wife Elizabeth listening to the opening speeches at the pre-view after Elizabeth had been presented a bunch of flowers. David Leach at the exhibition pre-view, in conversation with a young oriental admirer David Leach drawing his foxglove design in a copy of the exhibition book for Alex Murden of The Devon Guild.

Stoneware bowl, wax resist, dolomite over temoku, 1977. Stoneware dish, willow tree pattern, dolomite over temmoku, 1991. Slip trailed, press mounded dish, 1993. St. Ives, celadon glazed mead set, 1949. Fluted stoneware bowl, chun glaze over temmoku, 1988. Three large stoneware bottles, left to right - ilmenite zig zag over temmoku 1982, dolomite over temmoku - 1996, combed zig zag ash glaze over iron slip, 1990. Porcelain bowl, dolomite glaze with foxglove motif, 1976. Large stoneware jar with floral decoration. Stoneware teapot, 1994. Porcelain Y-Ching glazed, fluted tea set, 1995.

Slip trailling detail. Wax resist detail. Ilmenite zig zag. Willow tree. DL seal Vivid David Leach Cider jar handle