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Cardew's Craft Circle

Michael Cardew wedding jug Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie bowl Ray Finch cider jar

Long Room Gallery, Winchcombe - May 18th to July 13th 2019

This exhibition features work of a number of potters who worked closely with Michael Cardew in the 1920s and 1930s and celebrates the work of Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie with over a hundred of her pots. Substantial pieces and small glaze test pots are included providing a unique opportunity to consider the work of one the twentieth century's pioneer studio potters. Although this is essentially a retrospective exhibition showing pots sourced from private collections and the Winchcombe Archive Collection there are pots to purchase including work by Michael Cardew, some early Richard Batterham pieces and current work by Andrew McGarva. An accompanying book, Cardew's Craft Circle, includes an essay on Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie by Richard Batterham.

As usual with Long Room Gallery exhibitions, the pots are shown in an Arts and Crafts setting amidst contemporary fabrics, engravings, pictures and metalwork.

The exhibition is open daily for the first week and then changes to Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until it closes on Saturday July 13th. For further information please visit the Winchcombe Archive Collection website.

First three pots by Norah Braden, others by Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie

Early Richard Batterham pots for sale

Michael Cardew above, Charlotte Epton below

Michael Cardew

Michael Cardew pots for sale

Andrew McGarva pots for sale

Andrew McGarva on dresser, Philip Leach mugs below

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie Cizhou stoneware vase made at the Cole Pottery

Michael Cardew earthenware with Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie unglazed plant pots

Ray Finch

Andrew McGarva tiles for sale

Early Winchcombe slipware

Winchcombe Pottery jugs by Michael Cardew and Sidney Tustin

Michael Cardew water jug and bowl