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Winchcombe Pottery Mug

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I have been visiting my local antique center for many years but this lovely old Winchcombe Pottery mug is my first real find, at last a reward for all those fruitless visits.

I'm calling it a mug rather than a tankard because it holds slightly less than a pint. My guess is that it is from the early fifties. In pre-dishwasher days, earthenware pots would have struggled to survive daily washing in ceramic sinks so this is a rare surviorl.

The mug only has the Winchcombe mark so who made it? Sid Tustin made over a million pots in his lifetime so he is a good possibility. The fish decoration is beautifully executed.

If you have any information to help further identify the mug, please Contact ceramike.

Since creating this page Ray Finch has confirmed that he made the mug and the Worcester Antique centre has closed down.