Ceramike - Background Information

William Marshall, Bettles Gallery, Ringwood - 2007

Leach Pottery egg cup William Marshall huge bowl Leach Pottery waves plate
The centerpiece of the exhibition, featuring a Korean bottle form
Tall stoneware bottle, press moulded bottle and yumoni
Temmoku glazed moulded bottle with copper pour
Ridged bottle, nuka glaze with copper pours
Dish with white slip, iron and cobalt decoration
Squared porcelain bottle with cobolt decoration
Moulded porcelain bottle with iron and colat decoration
Korean bottle vase with iron and manganese decoration
Moulded bottle, white slip with iron and manganese decoration
Detail from dish, dolomite glaze with temmoku and copper pours
Squared bottle, white slip with iron and manganese decoration
Lidded jar with finder wipe decoration

William Marshall passed away on May 5th 2007 after a lifetime in pottery. This exhibition will probably be the last time a large number of Bill's pots will be seen together, the pots are from his last firing in December 2006.

Predictably the exhibition was a sell out with a queue forming well before dawn on the day of the preview. Unfortunately I was on holiday in France at the time but was very happy to see the pots the following weekend.

As I write this there are three days left to see the exhibition which runs until September 22nd 2007.

Bettles Gallery, Ringwood, Hampshire



Bettles Gallery, Ringwood, Hampshire