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Tomoo Hamada Workshop

Peter Swanson - Yunomi for the Mashiko Appeal Mark Griffiths - Ash glazed teapot Peter Swanson - Anagama fired yunomi

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Kat Wheeler introducing Tomoo and Koichiro Working on a sake bottle
Tomoo wedging his clay Removing the sake bottle from the hump
Koichiro explaining that this is known as Chrysanthemum wedging Removing a bowl from the hump
Ready to go... Pots thrown in the first session
Tomoo placing the first ball of clay on the wheel Starting work on a tall vase
Working on a yunomi Finishing the rim of the vase
Finishing off the yunomi Shaping the bottom section of the vase
Removing the yunomi from the hump Explaining the form of the finished vase

Leach Pottery, St. Ives - June 15th 2013

Kat Wheeler introducing Tomoo and Koichiro

Kat Wheeler introducing Tomoo and Koichiro

Tomoo gave a two hour throwing demonstration in the Leach Pottery studio. In the first session he threw a number of small pieces off the hump - yunomis, sake bottle, bowls and chawans. After a short break he threw some vases and a very large bowl.

Koichiro Isaka, the owner of Gallery St. Ives in Tokyo, acted as an interpreter. He can be seen to the right on some of the images.

My thanks to all concerned with organising the demonstration, it was very enlightening to see a master potter at work.

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Tomoo Hamada Exhibition
Talk on the Hamada Pottery and Museum


Starting work on a large bottle vase - punching out the clay Working on the inside of the bowl
Throwing the bottle vase Getting ready to lift the huge bowl from the wheel
Working on the rim Discussing the bowl shape
Removing the completed bottle vase from the wheel Unfortunately I have forgotten what Koichiro was demonstrating!
Placing the second of three balls of clay on the wheel Pages from the sketchbooks where Tomoo designs his pots
Shaping the clay prior to throwing
Starting to shape the bowl
Throwing the bowl