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Toff Milway

Toff Milway flagon Toff Milway charger Ray Finch teabowl

Conderton Pottery Open Weekend - June 2009

Salt kiln opening - First bricks being removed
First glance - looks good
Toff having a look at the result of the salt kiln firing - its a good un
Toff checking a fish handled tankard hot from the kiln
All cones or in Toffs case, dragons back down
A look inside the salt kiln, fish platter revealed
Tall jug and fish bottle successfully fired
Mirror enabling visitors to see inside salt kiln
Entrance to Conderton Pottery
Toff and Dan in one of the talks
Ray Finch pots in the marquee
Ron Wheeler, Toff Milway, Nicki Hopkins, Dan Finnegan, Dave and Anne Wilson, Ron Jones
Toff checking the newly open salt kiln firing

Toff checking the newly open salt kiln firing

This year's open weekend The Origin of Pieces - By Means of Artistic Selection had a Darwinian theme. In a series of talks, Toff and visiting American potter Dan Finnegan traced the evolution of their work as production potters or as Toff quipped mud jugglers under Ray Finch at Winchcombe Pottery. A display of Ray's pots including a wonderful cider jar formed a centerpiece in the marquee as a reminder of their original source of inspiration.

At 11am on Saturday morning Toff's latest salt firing had cooled sufficiently for the kiln to be opened up and it was soon evident that the firing had gone very well. Visitors were able to see the bricks being removed to reveal the pots inside.

Throughout the weekend, plate after plate of home made cakes and biscuits were provided for visitors, what excellent hospitality!


Toff with Elijah Comfort pie dish, Dan looking on
Toff with Elijah Comfort, waxing lyrical on the evolution of studio pottery
Toff discussing Ray Finchs pots
Toff with Ray Finch bowl
Toff in full flow
Dan talking about his salt kiln
Dan with one of his lidded jars
Dan talking about the decoration on a lidded jar
Toff with one of his platters
Toff explaining how his use of fish decoration has evolved
Toff with his most recent use of fish in a candelabra