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Peter Swanson - Tregonning Hill

Peter Swanson bowl Richard Batterham vase Peter Swanson anagam fired yunomi

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Edmund de Waal's book The White Road narrates his journeys to porcelain producing areas of the world. Porcelain was originally made in Jingdezhen in China but in 1746 a porcellaneous clay was found on Tregonning Hill near Rosudgeon in Cornwall. This clay was used to make porcelain pots but not in recent times.

Peter Swanson lives close to Tregonning Hill and after reading The White Road was inspired to venture up the hill, dig some clay and try it out. As the group of guinomis above testify the clay fired well. Peter doesn't plan to go into full production but will on occasion make more.

Peter's website is PeterSwansonPottery.com.

Peter was not the first studio potter to visit Tregonning Hill in search of the clay. This photograph kindly provided by Danish potter Hans Börjeson shows Harry Davis in the quarry back in 1958. Hans and his wife Birgitte apprenticed with Harry at Crowan Pottery before establishing their own pottery at Fulby in Denmark : www.fulby.com

On a sunny morning in January 2019 I visited Tregonning Hill with Peter and his wife Annie, here are some images:

The quarry - now returned to nature

The memorial to William Cookworthy

The Cookworthy Memorial words




The Preaching Pit

The Preaching Pit - Information

The brick kiln in a field below Tregonning Hill

Inside the brick kiln

The war memorial at the summit of Tregonning Hill

View towards Penzance and Mousehole from Tregonning Hill