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Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson plate Patrick Sargent lidded jar Peter Swanson yunomi

St. Ives Ceramics, St. Ives - Autumn 2008

St. Ives Ceramics in Fish Street, St. Ives, Cornwall Large dish - tenmoku glaze with nuka pours
Large wood fired jar with spiral decoration	Wood fired yunomi, shino glaze with spiral decoration
Wood fired bottle fired on its side in an anagama kiln Wood fired jar fired on its side on shells in an anagama kiln
Slab bottle - kaki glaze with nuka pours Slab bottles with Japanese Knotweed glaze plus tenmoku glazed bottle
Footed bowl, celadon with iron decoration View across the exhibition
St. Ives Ceramics

St. Ives Ceramics
Large bowl - Japanese Knotweed glaze with iron pours Two slab bottles - tenmoku glazed from gas kiln, wood fired from an anagama kiln
View across the exhibition Squared tenmoku glazed bottle, six sided Japanese Knotweed glazed bottle
Anagama wood fired yunomis Six sided tenmoku bottle, squared Japanese Knotweed slab bottle
Two yunomis - Shino glazed anagama fired, wax resist, kaki over celadon Three yunomis and an anagama fired bottle

An excellent exhibition at John Bedding's prestigious St. Ives gallery. Peter has produced some wonderful pots from his two kilns and is to be congratulated for putting the infamous Japanese Knotweed to good use.