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Paul Rice Gallery - Poh Chap Yeap and Peter Sparrey

Peter Sparrey yunomi Peter Sparrey yunomi Peter Sparrey lidded jar


3 Tring Avenue, London, W5 3QA

February 11th to March 10th 2007    -    Saturdays 14:00 - 16:00 or By Appointment

Contact : paulricegallery@hotmail.com

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Click the image to view individual pots

Poh Chap Yeap

Poh Chap Yeap was, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, one of the most sought after and expensive potters in Britain. His exquisite 'Chinese' pots with their high technical finish were closer in spirit to those of Lucie Rie than to Leach's orientalism. Libertys and top galleries sold his best pieces for well over a £1000 - a staggering amount in the early 80s.

Since his retirement in 1985 he has been somewhat forgotten but it will only a matter of time before interest in him soars. There will be about two dozen of his pots.

Peter Sparrey

Peter is an extremely talented British potter who now resides in Normandy, Northern France. Some of you may know his raku pots which have been shown by several UK galleries. At 39, he is still young for a potter and he may well be a very familiar name in the future.

This is a very rare chance to see his excellent high-fired work. The pieces in this show are all recent and include four teapots inspired by those of Geoffrey Whiting and an exceptional group of teabowls.

For Further Details : paulricegallery@hotmail.com