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Salt and Soda

Peter Starkey pedestal bowl Mark Griffiths floor vase Lisa Hammond jug


Salt and Soda, Whichford Pottery, April 12-13 2008

Two days of kiln firings/openings, seminars and practical demonstrations to be held at The Octagon, the spectacular new exhibition space at the Whichford Pottery.

The event features many of Britain's best practitioners of vapour-glazed ceramics including Jack Doherty, Ian Gregory, Lisa Hammond, Mark Griffiths, John Jelfs, Phil Rogers, Alistair Young, Sheila Casson, Richard Dewar, Toff Millway, Peter Starkey, Ruthanne Tudball and Sarah Walton.

Email saltandsoda@theoctagon.co.uk for details or visit www.theoctagon.co.uk