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Reg Moon 1930-2009 - A Celebration of Life

Bryan Newman bowl Nick Rees vase Phil Rogers guinomi
Reg Moon
The electric kiln
Pots and photos
A Queen's Silver Jubilee bowl
A young Reg decorating a mug
A young Reg throwing
Reg Moon
Reg Moon

Reg and his wife Mag moved to Henley-in Arden nearly 50 years ago, establishing Torquil Pottery in wonderful old half timbered buildings. Torquil was the name of a houseboat that Reg lived in when when working at the Odney pottery down in Cookham. The Gallery Upstairs held its first exhibition in 1985 when the children's playroom was converted into a gallery. Initially exhibitions were of work by family and friends but more recently have included work from many major artists and craftspeople from all over the UK.

Over the years Reg and his team have built a strong following and this was very evident at the memorial event that took place in March to celebrate Reg's life and work. The Gallery Upstairs was packed with people who came to celebrate Reg's life and to say goodbye to one of their best friends. In the gallery, Reg's family displayed some of his pots together with photo montages of family pictures, photo albums of exhibitions and scrapbooks.

We all walked over to the Memorial Hall where family and close friends took turns to reflect on Reg's life and help that he gave many people over the years. We held up our glasses as son Paul proposed a toast to Reg.

Thank you Mag, Carey, Paul and everyone else involved for providing a fitting tribute to a wonderful family man who touched the hearts of many people.





Kitchenware from the 1960s
Photo montages of the 70s and 80s
The Gallery Upstairs filled with people
Enjoying the displays in The Gallery Upstairs
Son Paul reflecting on Reg's life
Reg and Paul at work
Son Paul proposing a toast to Reg
Photo montages of holidays and early days at Henley