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Ray Finch 1914 - 2012

Ray Finch charger Ray Finch bowl Ray Finch plate



Ray Finch the grand old man of Winchcombe Pottery has died at the age of 97. Ray was taken on as a student by Michael Cardew way back in 1935 and worked at Winchcombe for the rest of his life. He was a inspiration to potters and collectors alike.

I met Ray on a few occasions, I remember showing him the slipware mug in the image below, he confirmed it as his and reminisced about his old slipware days, I will always treasure that memory.


Ray Finch pots - Slipware mug and cider barrel, stoneware chargers

Stoneware charger with finger wiped meander decoration, 1990s Charger, ash glaze poured over iron slip, 2003 Earthenware cider jar with slip trailed decoratiomn, 1950s Earthenware mug with sgraffito fish decoration, late 1930s