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British Studio Potter's Marks

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A revised mark book for all British studio potters
James Hazlewood needs your help

In 1999 A C & Black published the first edition of the Robert Fournier and Eric Yates-Owen British Studio Potters’ Marks book. It was the result of many years of work and was welcomed by potters, collectors and dealers alike.

The book contains representations of potters’ marks/signatures alongside the potter’s name, workshop history and a brief description of their work.

Sadly both Robert Fournier and Eric Yates Owen have died. However, after a rather bizarre chain of events earlier in the year James was asked by Bloomsbury publishing if he would consider revising and updating the book. After serious consideration he decided to take the task on.

James is currently in the process of updating the content and adding new content so that a third edition can be published.

• If you’re currently featured in the book and have not heard from me please contact James
• If you’re a professional potter who is not currently featured but would like to be included please get in touch

All potters new to the book are required to complete a brief form allowing the publisher permission to use their details.

When initially contacting James please do not send any information other than your name and contact details. He will then be in touch with instructions.

James is hugely passionate about ceramics and this project. The original authors did such a wonderful job and James hopes that he can do them, you and the book justice.

Please get in touch with James no later than 12 noon on 30 June 2013, his email address is studiopotterymarksbook@gmail.com