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Pots From France

Christine Pedley yunomi Peter Sparrey yunomi Christine Pedley yunomi

Rufford Ceramic Centre - March 2007

Daphne Corregan - Exhaustion Yoshimi Futamura - Basin forms
Anne Bulliot Bowl form Yoshimi Futamura - Basin forms
Xavier Duroselle - Mills stone forms Xavier Duroselle - Large celadon dish
Jean-Pierre Chollet - large red bowl Jean-Francois Fouilhoux - Horn form
View across the exhibition gallery
View across the exhibition gallery

Over the years, curators Jack Blackburn and Margot Bartlett have held a number of highly praised Pots from France exhibitions at their homes in the Peak District village of Youlgreave. The extensive exhibition space at the Rufford Ceramic Centre has enabled them to bring together a selection of work which give the visitor an insight into the studio ceramics being produced in France today.


Christine Fabre - Bowl with Bronze Christine Fabre raku watcher form
Xavier Duroselle - Celadon daylight box Phillipe Dubuc - Triangle vase
Jean-Pierre Chollet - Vase and box Pierre Dutertre - One of an ensemble of three plates
Anne Bulliot Bowl form Christine Fabre raku form - Return from China
Pascal Geoffroy - Shino glazed vase Pascal Geoffroy - Shino glazed pots
Xavier Duroselle - ox blood glazed urn Xavier Duroselle - Sang de boeuf glazed poppy head