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Pot Easel

Leach Pottery waves plate Brent Johnson shnio bowl Geoffrey Whiting dish

The 2020 the coronovirus lockdown gave me the opportunity to re-engineer Ceramike.com as a new website - MikesPots.co.uk. Ceramike will remain as a legacy site for the forseeable future but will no longer be updated. It was designed way back in 2002 when most people used Internet Explorer on Windows computers, those days are long gone and we now have multiple devices, operating systems and web browsers, MikesPots site has been designed with that in mind.

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Pot Easel with Peter Swanson dish Pot Easel with Ray Finch plate The Pot Easel

For years I had been using poor quality wire and plastic stands to display my pots. I had Googled to try and find something better and eventually found some wooden stands in Japan but they were very expensive so I had a go and made one myself, it did the job but I wasn't satisfied.

Fellow studio pottery enthusiast Paul Sansom had similar frustrations but has put his engineering skills to good use and with the help of his partner Freda has developed the Pot Easel - an adjustable stand constructed from solid oak. The Pot Easel is a superb device that can hold plates and chargers up to 76cm diameter and dishes up to 9" in depth. For more information and pricing please visit the Pot Easel website.

The Pot Easel is also available in black and there are four sizes to choose from.

Paul also now makes a display case that takes 20 small pots: