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Jim Malone at Oakwood Ceramics - 15th to 23rd March 2014

Jim Malone pilgrim bottle Jim Malone yunomi Jim Malone jug

View across the exhibition
Visitors at the preview
Tall porcelain bottle with fish decoration
View across the exhibition, temmoku glazed Korean bottle in foreground
View across the exhibition, temmoku glazed Korean bottle in foreground

Visitors at the preview

Visitors at the preview

Teabowls View across the exhibition Hakeme glazed bottle, chawan and yunomi group iew across the exhibition Row of bottles Two bottles and a bowl, all porcelain
Fish decorated teapot and cups
Close up of glaze flow in tall bottle
Tall bottle with fish decoration, squared bottle and bowl, all porcelain
Temmoku korean bottle and lugged vase
Tall bottle with fish decoration, bottle with incised decoration, small bowl
Close up of fish decoration on a tall porcelain bottle

This is the work of a master potter at the top of his form, Jim Malone has produced a truly memorable exhibition with some great pots including a series of tall porcelain bottle with beautiful fish decoration.

The exhibition runs until Sunday March 23rd, I urge you to go over and see the pots yourself, you will not be disappointed. If you cannot make it, some of the pots are illustrated on the Oakwood Ceramics website.


For a memorable ceramic day you can include a visit the A Lover of Pots: The John OMeara Collection exhibition at the Rufford Craft Centre which is only a 10 minute drive away and includes work by Ewan Henderson, Colin Pearson and John Maltby and many other potters.