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Leach Pottery, St. Ives - New Standard Ware 2016

Leach Pottery standardware coffee pot Leach Pottery standardware lines plate Leach Pottery standardware jug

The Leach Pottery is once again producing standard ware. A range of stoneware made from local St. Agnes clay featuring ash. tenmoku, dolomite, shino and nuka glazes is complimented by a group of porcelain pots with iron oxide rim decoration.

The pots may be purchased online from the Leach Pottery website or traditionally from a mail order catalogue available from the pottery.

Here are some illustrations from the 2016 catalogue:

New Standard Ware Catalog 2016
Mugs and jugs
Jugs and bowls
Bowls and plates
Miscellaneous items
Porcelain with iron oxide rims