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Muchelney Pottery - Kiln Opening - September 2009

John Leach bowl Nick Rees yunomi Muchelney Pottery cider jar
Muchelney Pottery - Kiln opening day!
Food tent
Wood pile
John Leach sharing a joke with ex-Winchcombe potter Don Jones
Pots being priced
Flint axe heads made by Phil Harding
Phil Harding flint knapping
Pots from the first chamber being fettled
Inside the kiln

Muchelney Pottery - Kiln opening day!
Muchelney Pottery - Kiln opening day!

Twice a year, the sleepy village of Muchelney in Somerset comes alive to a kiln opening at John Leach's Muchelney Pottery. These events attract locals and visitors alike who are able to buy pots straight from the kiln and sample local Cider Brandy and smoked delicacies from local suppliers. Time Team's Phil Harding was an added attraction demonstrating his skills at producing "stone age" hand axes.

I arrived just after 10am on a beautiful sunny morning to find the car park already overflowing. The kiln's were half emptied with new pots everywhere.


Inside the kiln
Pots being fettled
John Leach pots
Cider jars
Visitors choosing pots
John Leach in hat, behind a pallet of pots
Pots straight from the kiln
Nick Rees and Mark Melbourne pots