Ceramike - Background Information

Glaze Effects

David Leach monumental floor vase Mick Casson wood fired charger Mike Dodd floor vase


Having become interested in macro photography, I decided to look at glaze effects on some of my pots, so I hope these images will be of interest. These are high definition images so if your device allows it, you will be able to zoom in and pan around to see more detail. Although I have left no clues I have no doubt that some of you will be able to work out the potters concerned. If not just click on an image and the pot and its maker will be revealed.

The images were taken with my Fujifilm X-T2 using a 10mm extension tube fitted on the standard 18-55mm lens. Perhaps one day I will invest in a dedicated macro lens.

These are my first attempts at this type of photography, if you have any suggestions or similar images to share please contact me.