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 Leach Pottery
 Bernard Leach
 Hamada Shoji
 Shinsaku Hamada
 Atsuya Hamada
 Tomoo Hamada
 Tatsuzo Shimaoka
 William Plumptre
 Ken Matsuzaki
 Yuushin Gama Pottery
 Euan Craig
 Lee Love
 Ikiru Pottery
 Michael Cardew
 Winchcombe Pottery
 Ray Finch
 Elijah Comfort
 Charlie Tustin
 Ivan Martin
 Cricklade Pottery
 Colin Pearson
 Peter and Jill Dick
 Coxwold Pottery
 Joe Finch
 Kolonyama Pottery, Lesotho
 Bill van Gilder
 Toff Millway
 Jim Webster
 Dave Wilson
 Graham Taylor
 Appin Pottery, Scotland
 Jim Webster
 Cygnet Pottery
 Lynda Whitty
 Caoldair Pottery
 Mick Arnold
 Harmony Hall
 Graham Taylor
 Crown Studio
 Jon Hubbard
 Gellibrand Pottery
 Hugh MacTavish
 Alan Gaff
 Argyll Pottery
 Hugh MacTavish
 Tan-y-Groes Pottery
 Mike Finch
 Eddie Hopkins
 Jim Malone
 Ainstable Pottery
 Burnby Pottery
 Lessonhall Pottery
 Alex McErlain
 Manchester Metropolitan University
 Toff Milway
 Conderton Pottery
 Dan Finnegan
 Sidney Tustin
 Dave Wilson
 Don Jones
 Pat Groom
 Ed Turfrey
 Wenford Bridge
 Ivan McMeekin
 Svend Bayer
 Gwynne John (Hanson-Pigott)
 Duckpool Cottage, Sheepwash
 Todd Piker
 Cornwall Bridge Pottery
 Ahren Ahrenholz
 Michael OBrien
 John Cook
 Seth Cardew
 Masia Albados
 Ara Cardew
 Danlami Aliyu
 Martin Simpson
 Sam Uhlick
 Uhlick Pottery
 Joanna Dallmeyer (Bird)
 Thiebaut Chague
 Mark Hewitt
 Mark Hewitt Pottery
 Miranda Thomas
 Miranda Thomas Pottery
 Robert Blatherwick
 Lincoln School of Art
 Michael Gill
 Donald Mills
 Donald Mills Pottery
 Gutte Eriksen
 Kastrup Pottery
 Karlsminde Pottery
 Geoffrey Whiting
 Stoke Prior Pottery
 Avoncroft Pottery
 St. Augustines Pottery
 Alexander Sharp
 Peter Stichbury
 Helena Klug
 Mansimran Singh
 Richard Jenkins
 Nirmala Padwardhan
 Denny Long
 Sylvia Hardacre
 Chantal Dunoyer
 Harry Isaacs
 Peter Hardy
 Muriel Bell
 Kenneth Murray
 Helen Pincombe
 William Worrall
 John Bew
 George Whitaker
 Barbara Millard
 Bunty Smith
 Patrick Heron
 Dick Kendall
 Anne-Marie Harrison
 Anne Marie Backer-Mohr
 Walter George Firth
 Judy Gardner
 Peter Wood
 David Leach
 Aylesford Pottery
 Colin Pearson
 Quay Pottery
 Lowerdown Pottery
 John Maltby
 Stoneshill, Crediton
 Tim Andrews
 Woodbury Studio
 John Leach
 Muchelney Pottery
 Nick Rees
 Mark Melbourne
 Jeremy Leach
 Warwick Parker
 The Dairy House
 Gary Hatcher
 Pine Mills Pottery
 Daphne Hatcher
 Pine Mille Pottery
 Robert Tinnyunt
 Kingsteignton, Devon
 Richard Brooks
 Mary Rich
 Penwerris Pottery
 Simon Leach
 Spain, Near Valencia
 Michael Leach
 Yelland Pottery
 John Dermer
 Elmer Taylor
 Philip Leach
 Springfield Pottery
 Clive Bowen
 Shebbear Pottery
 Frank Campbell
 Jonathan Whitten
 St. Kew Farmhouse
 Norah Braden
 Cole Pottery
 Russell Collins
 Hook Norton Pottery
 John Jelfs
 Cotswold Pottery
 Jude Jelfs
 Peter Starkey
 Bill Van Gilder
 Van Gilder Pottery
 Mark Griffiths
 Culmington Pottery
 Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie
 Cole Pottery
 Kilmngton Manor
 Richard Batterham
 Durweston Pottery
 Reuben Batterham
 Poterie D Aval
 Bill Marshall
 Lelant Pottery
 Alix MacKenzie
 Warren MacKenzie
 Stillwater Pottery
 Randy Johnson
 Karl Borgeson
 Wayne Branum
 Joseph Brown
 Tim Crane
 Tim Crane Pottery
 Paul Dresang
 Jerry Horning
 James Coenen
 Ke-yaki Pottery
 Marlene Jack
 Charlotte Levenson
 Mark Pharis
 Michael Simon
 Sandy Simon
 Michael Thiedeman
 Harry Davis
 Crowan Pottery
 Crewenna Pottery, New Zealand
 Izcuchaca, Peru
 May Davis
 Charlotte Epton
 Bernard Forrester
 Dartington Pottery
 Bramblemoor Pottery
 Dorothy Kemp
 Barnhouse Pottery
 Tsuronosuke Matsubayashi
 Aileen Newton
 Sylvia Fox-Strangways
 Dartington Pottery
 Douglas Zadek
 Mary Gibson-Horrocks
 Wenford Bridge
 Buckfast Abbey Pottery
 Kenneth Quick
 Tregenna Hill Pottery
 Valerie Bond
 Margaret Leach
 Barnhouse Pottery
 Taena Pottery
 Cecil Baugh
 Janet Leach
 Valantinos Charalambulous
 Derek Emms
 Dinah Dunn
 Eleanor de Silva
 Scott Marshall
 Boscean Pottery
 David Stannard
 Hill Top Stoneware
 Robin Welch
 Melbourne, Australia
 Len Castle
 Titirangi Pottery, Aukland
 Anna Kjaersgaard
 St. Amand en Puisaye
 La Borne
 Peter Stitchbury
 Ardmore, New Zealand
 Atsuya Hamada
 Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott
 Notting Hill
 Wenford Bridge
 Kelvin Grove
 John Reeve
 Longlands Pottery
 Byron Temple
 Shinsaku Hamada
 Michael Henry
 Slug Pottery
 Mirek Smisek
 Jack Worseldine
 Ian Steele
 Nanoose Bay
 Chudleigh Pottery
 Tony Burgess
 Tarawonga Pottery
 Sturt Pottery
 Tim Stampton
 Indian Point
 Chalk Pits Museum
 Sylvia Hardaker
 Kenilworth Pottery
 Trevor Corser
 Alan Brough
 John Bedding
 Robert King
 Susan Smith
 Wayne Pinder
 Gaolyard Pottery
 Shigeyoshi Ichino
 Clary Illian
 Jeff Oestreich
 Ian Box
 Trevillian Pottery
 Michael Cartwright
 Spike Pottery
 Guernsey Pottery
 William Klock
 Klock Hollow Gallery
 Jason Wason
 St. Just
 Jeff Larkin
 Featherstone Pottery
 Tom Larkin
 Robert Fishman
 Brenda Tinklin
 Scituate Potters
 Spring Pottery
 Robert Fishman Pottery
 Nic Harrison
 Trelowarren Pottery
 Joanna Wason
 Amanda Brier
 Argal, Penzance
 Jack Doherty
 Jacob Bodilly
 Boscean Pottery
 Jacob Bodilly Pottery
 Michel Francois
 Michel Francois Pottery
 Roelof Uys
 Kat Wheeler
 Britta Wengeler-James
 Callum Trudgeon
 Laurence Eastwood
 Matthew Foster
 Carson Culp
 Culp Pottery
 Annabelle Smith
 Shannon Bartlett-Smith

The Leach Pottery in 2002


In 1920 Bernard Leach returned from Japan with Shoji Hamada and established the Leach Pottery on a hill above St. Ives in Cornwall. They were soon joined by Michael Cardew, the first of a long line of young would be potters eager to learn their trade under the gaze of the master. Some of these students and apprentices left to set up their own potteries and so the Leach influence spread around the world.

Here I attempt to combine information from various sources to show a family tree starting with Bernard Leach and ending with the the most recent recruit, Annabelle Smith who is the 2017 Seasalt sponsored apprentice.

I know that this tree is incomplete. If you would like to help me with its development or correct any inaccuracies please use the Contact page.

Hover over potter and pottery names for more information


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