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The Leach Influence

Mike Dodd vase Peter Swanson yunomi Phil Rogers lidded jar

Paul Rice Gallery, London - Autumn 2007

The Leach Influence, Paul Rice Gallery, London - September - October 2007

This exhibition at the Paul Rice Gallery in West London features potters whose work often follows the principles of Bernard Leach. Some were taught directly by the master – others were just greatly influenced by his pots and writings.

The image above shows some of the pots featured in the exhibition, from left to right - David Leach, John Leach (attributed), William Marshall, Mike Dodd and William Marshall again. Other potters included are Richard Batterham, John Bedding, Trevor Corser, Andrew Crouch, Warren MacKenzie, Jim Malone, Kenneth Quick, Phil Rogers, Peter Swanson and Geoffrey Whiting. A number of pieces of Leach Pottery standard ware are also being shown.

Although a number of pots were sold at the preview which I attended, some are still available for purchase and you can usually rely on Paul to have other interesting pots to hand. Email paulricegallery@hotmail.com for details.