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Hamada St. Ives

Patrick Sargent lidded jar Christine Pedley yunomi Ken Matsuzaki yunomi

The Founding of the Leach Pottery 1920 - Leach Pottery, St. Ives - May 2009 onwards

Slip decorated earthenware bowl by Bernard Leach
Lidded jar by Bernard Leach, inspired by early Thai Sawankalok ware
Bottle by Shinsaku Hamada, ash glaze over temmoku
Vases by Hamada, left made at St. Ives, right Mashiko
Dishes made by Hamada at St. Ives
Bottle and vase, both made by Hamada in St. Ives
Chawan by Hamada in St. Ives and Yunomi by his son Atsuya also at St. Ivesv
Hamada at work
Hamada at work

On August 24th 1920 Hamada Shoji and his friend Bernard Leach arrived in St. Ives to establish a pottery. At this time, St. Ives was in a period of transition with the town recognising the importance of art and tourisnm as the traditional fishing and mining industries declined.

The exhibition shows early work by Hamada, Leach and Cardew together with pots that may have influenced their work and a fascinating commentary describes the early years at the Leach Pottery. This includes a quote from a Daily Mail article of 1921 which says " ...do not go to St. Ives for the parades or beach music or a continuous round of diversions ready to hand. For thank heaven, they are not yet dreamed of in this pleasant haven of restfulness and quaint delight"!

Raku dish made by Hamada at St. Ives
Teapots, left by Bernard Leach in Japan, right by Hamada at St. Ives
Bowl made by Hamada at St. Ives
Earthenware dish by Bernard Leach
Exhibition pots
Exhibition pots
Exhibition pots