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Fellowship of the Fire

Peter Swanson - Yunomi for the Mashiko Appeal Mark Griffiths - Ash glazed teapot Peter Swanson - Anagama fired yunomi

View across the exhibition
Nic Collins pots with Bruce and Estelle Martin pots in the background, video of Bruce\'s anagama kiln running
View across the exhibition
Nic Collins jar with Stephen Parry pots in the background
Peter Swanson pots
Pots by Bruce and Estelle Martin

Oakwood Ceramics at the Thoresby Gallery

View across the exhibition

View across the exhibition

The Fellowship of the Fire is an exhibition of work by Bruce and Estelle Martin, Nic Collins, Peter Swanson, Mark Griffiths and Stephen Parry featuring anagama style ceramics.

I visited the exhibition on the second Sunday when New Zealand potter Bruce Martin gave a interesting presentation on his work and the anagama kiln in which the exhibited pots were fired.

My thanks go to David Binch of Oakwood Ceramics for organising the event.

Mark Griffiths pots
Peter Swanson bottles and boxes
Stephen Parry pots
Detail of Bruce Martin jar
Stephen Parry jar
Pots by Bruce and Estelle Martin