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Earth and Fire, Rufford, Nottinghamshire - June 2009

Anne Mette Hjortshoj teapot Toff Milway charger Jim Malone big jug
Potter's stalls amongst the abbey ruins Ruthanne Tudball
Nigel and Libby Edmondson From the campus area - The University of Central Lancashire
Northern Potters Association - Hannan McAndrew, Eric Moss,Michelle Freemantle and Carl Gray Stephen Parry
John Stroomer Jane Bowen
Ante Ernestus Ben Brierley
Rizu Takahashi Peter Beard
Craig Underhill Pollie and Gary Uttley
Potter's stalls amongst the abbey ruins Roger Cockram
Francoise Dufayard Sabine Nemet
Robin Welch Geoff Fuller
Potter's stalls amongst the abbey ruins Micki Schloessingk
Tim Hurn Karen Bunting
Ashraf and Sue Hanna John Jelfs


Potter's stalls amongst the abbey ruins

Earth and Fire is a very popular ceramics festival and in 2008 people were turned away because the car parks were full. To ensure that this didn't happen in 2009 the event was stretched to 3 days. I visited on the first day when it was relatively quiet, fortunately most of my pottery friends had the same idea so I didn't miss many people.

The weather was kind and as it wasn't too busy I had the chance to talk to many of the potters. There was one major disappointment, the anagama kiln wasn't being fired, I was told that was for health and safely reasons, hopefully it will be back in action in 2010.

It was good to have a another look around the David and Margaret Frith Concordia exhibition in Rufford's exhibition hall and I also enjoyed watching John Jelfs demonstrating how he makes his teapots.

Alistair Young
Akiko Hirai Paul Young
Christine Gittins John Calver
Yo Thom Lisa Hammond
Mark Griffiths Anne Mette Hjortshoj
Christine Cox Niek Hoogland
Jack Blackburn - Pots from France Fergus Stewart
Nic Collins David Allnatt
Jeremy Nichols Rachel Wood
Ellen Rijsdorp Ian Gregory
Alistair and Sally MacDonell Svend Bayer
Linda De Nil Doug Fitch
Toff Milway