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Don Jones 1935 - 2019

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Don Jones who was perhaps the last link back to the 1950s at Winchcombe Pottery has recently passed away. Don was taken on by Ray Finch in 1950 and was part of the pottery team until 1971 when he left because Ray had gone to work at the Kolonyama Potteryin Lesotho. Don thought Ray was going to be like Michael Cardew and leave Winchcombe to work in Africa.

I met Don on a number occasions, Winchcome born and bred, he was old school, a real salt of the earth. I first met him when like me, he attended a Toff Milway kiln opening weekend at Conderton Pottery. We hit it off and Don invited me visit him at home. He once told me of when Ladi Kwali, the great Nigerian potter, gave a demonstration at Winchcombe where she made two large water pots. Don was so impressed that he asked Ray Finch for an advance on his wages so that he could buy one of the pots.

Don Jones pugging clay at Winchcombe Pottery in 1950.

Don Jones, extreme right, at Toff Milway's open weekend in 2009 with from left to right: Ron Wheeler, Toff Milway, Nicki Hopkins, Dan Finnegan, Dave and Anne Wilson.