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David Frith

David Frith yunomi Mark Griffiths vase Lisa Hammond jug

Oakwood Ceramics, Thoresby Gallery - Autumn 2008


The David Frith exhibition staged by Oakwood Ceramics takes place at the Thoresby Gallery near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire and runs from from October 18th until November 2nd 2008. Due to a family commitment I missed the preview event but visited the exhibition at a quiet time and was able to admire the masterly skills of potter David Frith at a leisurely pace. As usual, Oakwood Ceramics main man David Binch was at hand to provide background information and a couple of hours quickly passed.

Overall around 80 pots are shown ranging from small yunomis and lidded boxes through to a huge squared bottle. Many of the pots have enamelled decoration and there is a large rectangular press moulded dish with decoration very reminiscent of the late David Leach. I thouroughly enjoyed the exhibition and am looking forward the the Mike Dodd exhibition which is Oakwood Ceramics' next event at Thoresby in November.

Although a good number of pots have been sold, some are still available so if you cannot visit the exhibition in person and see something you fancy, contact Oakwood Ceramics via their website at www.oakwoodceramics.co.uk