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Dartington Pottery Training Workshop

Jeremy Steward jug Peter Starkey pedestal bowl Andrew Hague lidded jar

The Dartington Pottery Training Workshop (DPTW) was formed in 1975 to help young potters develop their skills after leaving college before setting up their own potteries. It was the brainchild of David Canter, then chairman of the CPA and David Leach, Marianne de Trey and Mick Casson became involved ensuring that students would benefit from their knowledge and skills.

Recently I had an email from Francis Toms who was one of the first trainees taken on at Dartington in 1976. Since leaving, Francis has spent most of his life in the USA and know lives in the idyllic sounding town of Paradise in California. Our correspondence involved swapping images taken at the Workshop and I thought that it would be interesting to share these with you. Perhaps you attended the DPTW yourself, maybe you have a photograph that you would like to share, If so, please get in touch ia the Contact page.

My thanks to Peter Starkey for letting me know that Don Morgan and Ross Emerson were the unknown potters on the 1978 image.

DPTW Team 1976

Dartington Pottery Training Workshop - 1976

Left to Right : Francis Toms, Gretel Baron, Peter Starkey, Martin McWilliam, Maggie Gardiner, Peter Cook

DPTW Team - 1978

Dartington Pottery Training Workshop - 1978

Pietro Maddalena, Peter Starkey, Ross Emerson, Don Morgan, Gretel Baron, Martin McWilliam, Steve Parry, Peter Cook, Vince ???