Ceramike - Background Information

Clay Art 2008, Ruthin, North Wales

Fergus Stewart yunomi David Frith yunomi Svend Bayer mug
Anagama kiln Bottle kiln
Anagama kiln Bottle kiln
Inside the Anagama kiln Bottle kiln
Linda deNil's Anagama pots Bottle kiln
Across the site Doug Fitch demonstrating
Doug Fitch, extreme drying Doug Fitch dipping
Doug Fitch - Slip trailing John Stroomer - demonstrating
Fergus Stewart making a lemon squeezer Fergus Stewart deforming a cut sided vessel
Rufford Woodfirer Across the site towards Rufford Woodfirers
John Stroomer Demonstrating
John Stroomer Demonstrating

Jennie Gilbert John Stroomer Mark Griffiths Mike Palmer Peter Clough Liz Gale
Jonathan Phillips Mick Morgan Dave Binns and Wendy Lawrence Liz Bowe Roger Cockram John Stroomer
Nic Collins Nic Collins and the Rufford Woodfirers Linda deNil Simon Hancox Toon Thijs Maggy Gardiner



Adam Buick moon jars David Wright
Alistair Howard Delyth Jones
Terry and Bev Bell-Hughes Doug Fitch
Ben Brierley Eddie Curtis
Charles Bound and Joy Sisley Fergus Stewart
CPA - Associate members Hiro Takahashi
David Frith James Hake
Margaret Frith Jane Bowen
Steve Mills Russell Coates
Svend Bayer Svend Bayer

Fortunately the rain of Friday night and Saturday had cleared away when I visited ClayArt Wales 2008 on the Sunday. I particularly enjoyed watching Doug Fitch, Fergus Stewart and John Stroomer demonstrating their throwing skills and witnessing the opening of the bottle kiln after Saturday's firing.

My thanks to everyone concerned, I hope you all had a successful festival.

P.S. Doug Fitch has just told me that the guy helping him in his demonstration was Mark Grimmitt, who is Elijah Comfort's great, great, grandson, now that's tradition for you!