Ceramike - Background Information

Background Information

David Leach tankard MarshallRJug jug Toff Milway flagon

Ceramike is an attempt to share my enthusiasm, knowledge and photographs of functional studio pottery. I must admit to being a follower of traditional work of Leach influence and enjoy my annual pilgrimage down to St. Ives. I only wish my interest had been kindled earlier in life so I would have been able to meet more of the potters I admire.

My experience of potters and fellow collectors is a happy one, the studio pottery world seems to attract the right sort of people. My response has been to build this archive and share it with you all. Judging by the favourable comments that I receive on a regular basis, my work is appreciated but please feel free to suggest improvements.

In 2016 I retired after 35 years in the computer industry working as a software engineer and in September 2017 I moved down to Cornwall and am currently living in St. Agnes.

My other interests are photography and travelling, fortunately these can easily be combined with pottery.


Mike Sanderson

St. Agnes,