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Remembering Mick Casson - Ten Years On

Mick Casson - Bowl Mick Casson - Wood fired charger Mick Casson - Salt glazed jug

Mick at Wobage in the 1980s

It is ten years now since Mick Casson passed away on December 12th 2003 so I thought I would commemorate this with an photographic exhibition of Mick's work - nothing is for sale it is purely a celebration of the work of a great potter.

Mick gave so much to the studio pottery world and left a thriving legacy at Wobage Farm in Herefordshire when potters Patia Davis, Jeremy Steward, Sheila Herring and Ana Simmons work alongside Mick's son, bespoke furniture maker Ben Casson. Mick's wife Shelia still lives at Wobage and has only recently turned off her wheel for the last time.

Mick's pots have a real presence and continue to enrich the lives of many, many people. I treasure mine and the pottery enthusiasts who have allowed me to photograph their examples of Mick's work feel the same way - we still have a connection with a truly inspirational potter.

The photographic exhibition starts with 95 pots and will remain online for the foreseeable future. More pots will be added over time to provide what hould prove to be a valuable photographic archive.

Helen Walsh, curator at the York Museums Trust has provided archive images of pots from their collections which are presented separately. The majority of these pots are from the Bill Ismay collection and fortunately most are early examples of Mick's work, rarely seen these days.

Michael Casson
Emmanuel Cooper

Some of you will be old enough to remember the BBC series The Craft of the Potter hosted by Mick in the 1970s. There are some excerpts of the 4 programmes on YouTube, these can be viewed by the link below.

If you would like to know more about Mick then I can recommend the late Emmanuel Cooper's biography which you can buy direct from Wobage or via your local bookshop. The book produced to accompany The Craft of the Potter can be purchased via the Abebooks website and of course there is always ebay.

York Museums Trust
The Craft of the Potter