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Cardew's Nigeria Connection

Michael OBrien - Wenford Bridge plate Michael Cardew - Wenford Bridge charger Danlami Aliyu - Wenford Bridge cider flagon


Michael Cardew spent many years in Africa first along the Gold Coast at Achimota and Vume before later establishing the Abuja Pottery Training Centre in Nigerian in 1951. Cardew trained many local people to become potters, including Ladi Kwali whose large water jars are highly sought after by collectors. Ladi Kwali accompanied Cardew abroad on a number of occasions including a visit to Winchcombe in 1962.

Pots from these African potteries made their way to the U.K. either via Cardew or returning ex-patriates. I have a few examples in my collection including those that are for sale below.

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Please be aware that unfortunately these pots are only available to the U.K.


Cardew's time in Nigeria is covered in great detail in this excellent book by John Edgeler.

Micharl Cardew and Stoneware by John Edgeler


Ladi Kwali casserole Ladi Kwali casserole interior Ladi Kwali casserole potter and pottery marks

Side view

Inside base, lid removed

LK and Abuja marks

LK1. Ladi Kwali - Abuja Pottery Casserole - Width 18.5cm SOLD

Gugong Bong screw topped teapot
Hassan Lapai plate

GB1. Gugong Bong - Abuja Pottery teapot, screw top
Height 12cm - £55 SOLD

HL1. Hassan Lapai - Abuja Pottery plate
Width 18cm SOLD

JOS1. Jos Pottery tankard
Height 14.5cm - £40

Jos Pottery tankard Jos Pottery tankard Jos Pottery tankard

JOS2. Jos Pottery tankard
Height 14.5cm - £40

JOS3. Jos Pottery tankard
Height 14.5cm - £40

JOS4. Jos Pottery tankard
Height 14.5cm - £40