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Richard Batterham lidded jar Ray Finch vase Derek Emms bowl

Here are a few pottery books that I hope will be of interest. All are secondhand, some are as new, some are signed by the author, some have been well read and some are a bit tatty. Click on a book for more details.

I apologise to my overseas visitors but these books are only available to the U.K.

Hans Coper

Tony Birks

Hans Coper

Coiled Pottery

Betty Blandino

Coiled Pottery

Chris Carter

Hart Gallery

Tate Gallery, St. Ives - The Building

Michael Casson

Emmanuel Cooper

Warren Mackenzie
An American Potter

David Lewis

Warren Mackenzie - American Potter by David Lewis (Softback)


The Way of Raku

Christa-Maria Herrman

The Unknown Craftsman

Soetsu Yanagi

The Unknown Craftsman by Soetsu Yanagi

Bernard Leach - Potter and Artist

Crafts Council

Tate St. Ives

The Building

Tate Gallery, St. Ives - The Building

The Craft of the Potter

Michael Casson

The Craft of the Potter by Michael Casson

Dartmouth and South Devon Potteries

Matt White - Signed First Edition

Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries by Matt White