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Cornwall - A Celebration - Part 1

Leach Pottery large Z bowl Bernard Leach large celadon glazed vase Michael Cardew stoneware bowl



Bevere Gallery, Worcester - June 30 to July 25 2012

This summer Cornwall comes to Worcestershire! This is the first of two exhibitions at the Bevere Gallery featuring members of the Cornwall Crafts Association.

Work by potters Jenny Beavan, Amanda Brier, John Buchanan, Delan Cookson, Stephanie Cunningham, Paula Downing, Sarah Dunstan, Christine Feiler, Rick Henham, Paul Jackson, Sylvia Ryan and Peter Swanson is displayed alongside glass by Jonathan Fuller and Selina Radford, furniture by Nicholas Langan and Scott Woyka, jewellery by Carole Allen, Deb Davidson, Elinor Lamond, Stephanie Johnson and Amanda Ray, bronzes by Theresa Gilder, prints by Hilary Jean Gibson, Trevor Price and Michèle Wright and Textiles by Amanda Richardson and Vivien Prideaux.

For more details please visit the Bevere Gallery.