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Goldmark Gallery - Six Potters - February 2007

Svend Bayer jug Mike Dodd floor vase Lisa HAmmond jug

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Phil Rogers Mike Dodd
Svend Bayer Lisa Hammond
Clive Bowen Ken Matsuzaki
Lisa Hammond Phil Rogers
Clive Bowen Ken Matsuzaki
Svend Bayer Mike Dodd
Lisa Hammond Svend Bayer
Phil Rogers Ken Matsuzaki
Ken Matsuzaki Phil Rogers
Ken Matsuzaki Ken Matsuzaki
Lisa Hammond and Mike Dodd Phil Rogers with slipware bowl
Alistair Hawtin with Phil Rogers jug Alistair Hawtin with Bill Marshall bowl

The Goldmark team are to be congratulated in putting on a wonderful Potter’s Day at their gallery in Uppingham, Rutland. A mixed show of pots Phil Rogers, Lisa Hammond, Svend Bayer, Mike Dodd, Ken Matsuzaki and Clive Bowen was complimented by the premiere of the Goldmark sponsored film profile of Phil Rogers and talks by Phil and collector Alistair Hawtin.

The film produced by Charles Mapleston of Malachite Productions is the latest in a series of productions for Goldmark and will shortly be available on DVD. Phil is shown at work at his pottery in Rhyader in Wales, pugging clay, throwing and during the second woodfiring of his salt kiln. One of Phil’s trips to Japan is also featured with footage of a Ken Matsuzaki firing, visits to National Treasure Shimaoka and the St. Ives Gallery where Phil had a joint exhibition with Tomoo Hamada. Self-confessed potaholic Henry Sandon and art critic David Whiting sing their praises of Phil who has become one of the our most respected potters in both the UK and abroad. A Ken Matsuzaki film is also in the making, the audience was treated to a snippet which included Ken's dramatic kiln firing and his skills as a taiko drummer.

To illustrate his talk Phil brought along a 15th century Korean hakeme bowl, an English slipware bowl, an early salt glazed bottle and a Bernard Leach slab bottle which were passed around an appreciative audience. Alistair brought in some of his favourite pots and talked about they had found their way into his collection, this included a wrongly attributed Hamada bowl picked up for a snip at a well know auction house.

On behalf of everyone who attended, I would like to thank Mike Goldmark and his team for staging this memorable event and providing the Studio Pottery world with a flagship exhibition venue.


Phil Rogers



Phil Rogers