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Modern British Potters

Phil Rogers lidded jar Phil ROger lidded jar Phil Rogers finger yunomi
Phil Rogers
View across the exhibition
Geoffrey Fuller and Walter Keeler
View across the exhibition
View across the exhibition
Sandy Brown and James Robson
Michael Flynn
Emma Rogers
Claire Curneen
Jane Hamlyn
Sandy Brown

Goldmark Gallery - Uppingham, Rutland - February 2010

Phil Rogers
Phil Rogers

Modern British Potters features the work of 24 of Britain's leading potters. In alphabetical order they are Gordon Baldwin, Clive Bowen, Sandy Brown, Neil Brownsword, Carina Ciscato, Claire Curneen, Ken Eastman, Philip Eglin, Daniel Fisher, Michael Flynn, Geoffrey Fuller, Jane Hamlyn, Walter Keeler, Dan Kelly, Jennifer Lee, Carol McNicoll, Jim Malone, Sara Radstone, James Robson, Emma Rodgers, Phil Rogers, Daniel Smith, Annie Turner and Tina Vlassopulos.

Never have I seen so many people at a preview event and by early afternoon all 250 signed copies of the accompanying book by David Whiting and Jay Goldmark had sold.

In a move away from single potter events, the Goldmark Gallery have staged a wonderful exhibition that shows breadth of talent evident in the current British pottery scene. Functional, sculptural, figurative and abstract work are all included so there is something for every taste and visitors like myself who have a narrow field of interest have the chance to widen their experience and maybe find a new area of interest.

In the accompanying book - Modern British Potters, David Whiting provides an insight into each potter's work. The book is lavishly illustrated by Jay Goldmark's photographs the potters at work in their studios. If you cannot get to the exhibition, please do purchase Modern British Potters, you will not be disappointed.


Daniel Fisher
Ken Eastman
Dan Kelly
Philip Eglin
Daniel Fisher
Jennifer Lee
Gordon Baldwin
Tina Vlassopulos
Carol McNicoll
Geoffrey Fuller
Walter Keeler