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Leach Pottery Studio: 10 Years On

Matt Foster tea set Carson Culp bowl Amanda Brier bowl

Leach Pottery, St. Ives - 7th July to 9th September 2018

After a temporary closure for refurbishment in 2005, the Leach Pottery re-opened as a working pottery and museum in 2008. This exhibition is part of the 10 Year Celebrations and features potters who have worked in the Leach Studio since its re-opening.

Annabelle Smith

Annabelle Smith - 2017 Seasalt apprentice

Callum Trudgeon

Callum Trudgeon - First Seasalt apprentice in 2014

Carson Culp

Carson Culp - Studio Volunteer 2017-2018

Drake Bialeki

Drake Bialeki - Volunteer potter 2014-2015

Ella Phillips

Ella Phillips - Volunteer potter

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott - Volunteer potter 2015

Kat Wheeler

Kat Wheeler - Current production potter

Laura Crossland

Laura Crossland - Apprentice potter 2014

Lexie Macleod

Lexie Macleod - Volunteer potter 2016

Matt Foster

Matt Foster - Current production potter

Michel Francois

Michael Francois - Production potter in 2008

Midori Aoshima

Midori Aoshima - Production potter 2010-2013

Shannon Bartlett-Smith

Shannon Bartlett-Smith - Current volunteer potter

Tinni Arora

Tinni Arora - Volunteer potter 2013-2014 (£1 coin for scale!)

Yumi Seko

Yumi Seko - Apprentice potter 2012-2013